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why stay in Philippion Hotel
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Enjoy your stay, with a spectacular view of the city of ...
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For your professional meetings, the hotel offers two spacious and functional ...
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The best suggestion for your wedding reception is Hotel Philippion! Every wedding ...
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Piano - Restaurant
Enjoy your meal or dinner, in the glass restaurant Alexander, with ...
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For your baby´s first special event, Hotel PHILIPPION will truly create ...
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For your Club or Company Event, Party or Dance, Hotel PHILIPPION ...
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New Areas
Under construction. Coming Soon...
Sport Cafe
Watch all the games with your friends! All is played at ...
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We welcome you to the best of Greek hospitality in the beautiful City of Thessaloniki. Ideally located in the heart of Seich-Sou Park, overlooking spectacular views, just 5 mins drive from downtown Thessaloniki and 15 mins from ´´Macedonia´´ International Airport Special room rates are available all year round offering excellent value for money...   
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